When installing a Front End Accessory Belt we recommend the use of a proprietary tension gauge.

1. Remove any oil, dirt or grease contamination from the grooves of the pulley and check that:

  • the pulleys are not damaged or excessively worn. If so, replace.
  • the pulleys are all in-line with each other.

2. Fully slacken off the adjusting device whether it be the alternator, automatic tensioner or whatever.
Fit the belt OVER the pulleys. Never ever lever or force the belt over the pulley flanges. If required,
remove an accessory from its mounting or a pulley off its mounting in order to fit the belt in the
grooves without damage.

3. Take up the adjustment manually (if no automatic tensioner in use) and then by using a proprietary
belt tensioner and by following the instructions with same, check the tension is within the limits of column
”A” in the table below – nearer the top limit preferably – if NOT, adjust to suit and check again.