Time for a change? 
Just fit Gatorback belt & forget it.

Fit & Relax is the only genuine warranty scheme in the European aftermarket offering real help to garages. We are so confident in the performance of our Gatorback belts that we are able to offer this innovative new commercial warranty agreement that for the first time gives the installer full cover.


The choice of the right belt distinguishes the winners from the others. Only the strongest and most enduring will make the challenge and win world’s most challenging car races, such as Nascar and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Optimal performance will always be achieved, even in the most demanding circumstances. Make a winning choice. Choose Gatorback! 

New Gatorback belt benefits that add up

Fitting benefits:

  • Designed for easier fitting in small space conditions and complex drives
  • Forgive light fitting misalignments due to mileage or fitting process
  • Designed to closest OE length
  • Premium belt made at OE material

Operating benefits:

  • Reduction in operating noise up to 15 dB
  • Longer life to standard poly-v belts due to:
  1. self cleaning effect,
  2. better flex capability,
  3. higher rib flank contact.
  • Improved operating grip and longer flex life
  • Belt design to keep consistent performance at high rpm

See Gatorback range (vehicle park covered) in pdf format
See Gatorback leaflet in pdf format

Gatorback technical characteristics

Fit & Relax Gatorback belt automatic warranty cover

It’s so simple

Fit & Relax is aimed at the established installer (1) (VAT registered) within EU operating under conditions of acknowledged capabilities (tools, procedures & skills) to fit Goodyear Engineered Products. Simply buying and fitting genuine Goodyear Engineered Products Gatorback belts from an approved Goodyear Engineered Products agent /wholesaler gives automatic inclusion to Fit & Relax. 

If you are an established garage business, simply by registration via our web site, buying and fitting Gatorback belts gives you automatic inclusion to Fit & Relax. 

Visit www.goodyearep.eu/gatorback-register to register.

Warranty cover

Fit & Relax covers the installer for 60.000 Kilometres or 3 years(2). Should any genuine Goodyear Gatorback belt suffer an “honest” failure (3) within this period, Veyance Technologies Europe will pay to repair the engine – parts & labour (4)(5).

Claims resolved quickly

As soon as the product is returned, the claim shall be processed within 15 working days. We will examine the claim and if we are satisfied that it’s honest and fair – we pay. In effect, this is a no rejection warranty. This means no more disputes as to who or what was to blame. 

The Installer returns the Gatorback belt & associated products (7) to the official Goodyear Engineered Products agent /wholesaler with all the necessary documentation:

  • Acknowledgement & signature of good fitting practices (3) on “Customer Complaint Record” (C.C.R.)
  • Full vehicle C.C.R. check list completed (6) & return of all damaged parts as claimed.
  • Copy of original invoice (for belt and labour initial instalment) with the Gatorback sticker on it & reparation invoice copy. The original invoice shall mention the individual belt traceability code for tracking purpose.
  • Copy of registration document for the car.

See www.goodyearep.eu/Gatorback-warranty for complete Gatorback Warranty Cover in your language.


(1) Veyance Technologies Europe reserves the right to remove from the Fit&Relax scheme any professional mechanic that is considered to be fraudulent or consistently negligent. 

(2) First term reached. Corresponding value in miles is 37.290. Fit & Relax does not cover any Motorsport activities. 

(3) Veyance Technologies Europe reserves the rights to investigate and sue suspected fraudulent claims declaration and to remove from the scheme engines that are known in the industry as “problem drives” and cause damage that is not reasonably due to performance of the belts. 

(4) Claims must not exceed the value of the vehicle and are limited to 350.00 Euro value per claim. A claim can not be made more than once for the same vehicle. 

(5) Parts & Labour costs only:

- Labour time as indicated in official Original Equipment documentation & paid at local industry average per hour,

- Fit & Relax does not include consequential costs including but not limited to car recovery, car hire, loss of earnings, depreciation,

(6) All mandatory fields fulfilled. Incomplete record may delay response to claim. 

(7) Tensioner, Water Pump, Dumper pulley, Alternator pulley if available and if damaged or potential source of damage. 

The original invoice for belt and labour initial instalment shall mention the individual belt traceability code. Please copy the code on the Gatorback sticker on the inner side of the sleeve.